Here's how I can help you CHANGE your businesses outcomes. 

SEO + Content Writing for Health and wellness Businesses

1. SEO Services

2. Web Copy

Web copy is the written content on your website, including landing pages, about us page, and product descriptions. 

When done well, web copy can attract and maintain customers. They can easily navigate it to learn more about your services or products

How Can High-Quality Web Copy Help Your Brand?

  1. Encourage conversions; a well-designed landing page can encourage
    prospects to take action, such as scheduling an appointment
  2. Differentiate you from competitors: you may have the same services as other providers, but what makes you different? Your web copy is a chance to show off your unique selling points. 
  3. Improve discoverability: well-placed high-value keywords can make it easier for prospective clients to find you through organic search.


Starting at $500 for 5-page SEO Web Copy

All additional pages @$50/page


  • In-depth Site Audit
  • On-page SEO: meta-titles, internal-linking, and more
  • Technical SEO: core web vitals, speed, mobile responsiveness and more
  • Setting Up Analytics and Reporting : Google Search Console, and Google Analytics
  • In-depth Keyword Research (10 keywords)
  • Competitor Research
  • SEO Strategy


  • Buying or selling backlinks

    Is your organic traffic serving your business needs or do you have to pay for ads each time you want leads? SEO can help you maintain a steady flow of sustainable organic traffic. I can help you build a strong SEO foundation with on-page, technical SEO and content marketing. 

    • You are a service business with a small-medium website with 6 to 30 pages
    • You're willing to bet everything on white SEO practices
    • You are in SEO for the long haul

    You'll love this package if:

    Starting at $699 for initial setup


    $199/month (Without content)

    $399(With 4 human written blogs/per month of 1000 words)

    3. SEO Articles & Blog Posts

    SEO articles are the pillar of your content marketing strategy. Your web copy helps attract clients to your key service pages. Articles and blog posts help attract a larger pool of leads who are in different stages of their customer journey. 

    How Can Blog Posts & Articles Build Your Brand?

    • Build trust and credibility.
    • Increase web visibility through organic traffic.
    • Establish yourself as an authority in pain management.
    • Encourage social shares and engagement.
    • Drive sales that encourage the reader to take action.


    Single Article/SEO Optimized Blog Post

    $80/ 1500-word SEO optimized blog.


    • Keyword research;
    • Proofreading
    • Meta title, description and url suggestions
    • 2 Free infographics
    • 1 round of revision 
    • A list of citations

    Monthly Package:

    4   1000-1500 word SEO-optimized and 100% human written blog posts

    1 month blog content strategy

    Accompanying email + Facebook post per single blog post

    COST: $400

    4. Email Newsletters

    There's a whisper going around that email newsletter are outdated, old-fashioned, so 1980s--dead even. But email newsletters are much alive and kicking. Done well, email newsletters are high ROI surprise gifts that don't stop giving. Not to be confused with email campaigns, email newsletters are sent regularly. They aim to build long-lasting relationships.

    Before you dismiss email newsletters, consider the following benefits.

    How Email Newsletters Can Help Your Brand

    1. Build Brand Loyalty: Regular, strategic, and helpful email newsletters can build a community of loyal. Remember, less is more with email newsletters. Keep it sweet and helpful, but not too much into your-face frequency.
    2. Drive Traffic to Your Website: You can drive traffic by adding links to your website, for example, to blog posts.
    3. Improve Customer Engagement: Email newsletters are part of the content marketing strategy. You can have a call to action. For example, readers can watch a video, follow you on social media or reply to your email.
    4. Save Costs: Email newsletters are pretty affordable, even for small businesses. The important thing is consistency and a well-thought content strategy.


    Starting from $49/Email newsletter

    5. E-books & Comprehensive Guides

    In a healthcare content marketing survey, Semrush found that 18% of brands that used product guides and manuals received positive results, and 13% found ebooks to be helpful marketing arsenals.

    You don't need an e-book for everything, but you can have one creative and engaging e-book as part of your marketing strategy.

    How Ebooks & Comprehensive Guides Can Build Your Brand

    1. Provide Comprehensive Information: You can use e-books to educate your clients and prospects on a specific issue, for example, a chronic pain condition, investment strategy, or self-care tips.
    2. Establish Trust and Credibility: E-books take longer to prepare, but when done well, they can position you as an expert that clients can trust.
    3. Drive Conversions: You can optimize e-books to have a call to action, such as linking back to your website
    4. Increase Client Engagement: E-books that contain engaging material, such as checklists and quizzes, can improve clients' engagement with your brand

    My Heading

    $300/ e-book of 4000-5500 words


    Bonus: Infographics

    Infographics are a great way to engage your audience and enable information retention. Consider this:

    • Patients who receive statistics in infographic form are 2.84 more likely to understand their condition, says a Visme report.
    • Infographics can increase traffic by 12%, says One Spot
    • 65% of buyers are visual learners, says Pearson

    I offer 2-3 free infographics per article made using Canva and your brand colors if you use my healthcare content marketing services.

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